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* ~About Me~ *
Name: Michelle (Just call me Shelly <3)
Residence: England, Liverpool (UK)
Star Signs: Libra (The Scales), Rabbit (Chinese) & Thoth (Egyptian)
Birth Stones: Sapphire, Jade & Turquoise
Artist Type: Hobbyist
Occupation: Volunteer (Charity Shop)
Personality: I'm Friendly, honest, a big kid at heart and I like to be helpful to others. I'm quite optimistic and try to look on the bright side, can be quite ditzy and also silly at times. At times, I can be determined, stubborn and quite a bit of a perfectionist, however, I'm a strong willed gal too. My Friends say I am a 'Level-headed' kind of person.
My Artworks: When it comes to art, I'm a slow working artist. Though I do sketch my works, the rest I do with a computer mouse.I like to get every single detail I can with a character I'm drawing and/or designing. I work on art to the best of my ability and I'm always learning/practising and trying to improve. My main strength at the moment is Digital art. Pixels I am still practising with and would like to try Traditional art at some point. Apart from Art, I would like to try and write more.
My Loves/Likes/Other stuff: The Word 'Bugger', Tea!, Animals (Wolves, Cats, Dogs,Reptiles, Birds, etc.), My Little Pony (All Gens), Helping people, Video games (RPG's, Jak & Daxter, Tomb Raider & lots more!), The Paranormal/strange stuff, Game Grumps, Nostalgia Critic, Stars!, Music, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, Pixel Arts & Spoiling my friends!
My Artsy Tools/Programs: Sketch pad & Pencils, Scanner & Computer mouse. Macromedia Flash 8, Photoshop CS2 & Imageready CS2.

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If you want to know My Skype & AIM Name, Just ask me! :heart:
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:star: Art Status Last Updated~
:pointr: 10th April 2014
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:star: Progress Key~
:bulletwhite: Not Started...
:bulletyellow: Brainstorming...
:bulletorange: Sketching.../Sketched
:bulletblack: Inking.../Inked
:bulletblue: Flat Colouring/Flat Coloured
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:bulletgreen: Complete!

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:rose: Commissions~
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*:bulletblack: AlicornParty Shiver: 10%_Inking...
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:bulletpink: sanitrance Nico MP Ottsel: 75%_Shading...
:bulletyellow: Monique: Brainstorming...
:bulletwhite: thechaostheory Vanessa: Not Started...
:bulletorange: GlitterElixir Frosting: 100%_Sketched!
:bulletwhite: PrettyLadyCosmos Nasrin & Noria: Not Started...
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*~Updates: Life, Stuff and Question(s)

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 10:13 AM

Hey Guys & Gals,

Just given updates. Again, as usual :giggle: soo.. life updates. I was called in to my voluntary work yesterday (called in advance a few days before) to help another Volunteer as it seemed no-one else could come in due to reasons. So, I worked yesterday and today as well, both of which have been quiet days but of course, there's always stuff to do. I have been dubbed as the 'Decoding Queen' (For those who dunno what decoding is, its where you check to see if the clothes have price tags, prices/dates on the tags and take off any clothes with a certain date)

So now, my one day has been moved up to two days which is what I wanted to do. Star off small with one day then move onto two days. I am knackered from working yesterday and today but, I managed so that's good =)
My manager Jill is very understanding and sweet and of course so are the other volunteers, we have a laugh so, it's been keeping me positive <3 until I get home and I'm knackered, dazed, my brain buggers off somewhere, etc. Etc.

I haven't been really 'Arty' lately, not even pixel arty either. I have been having urges to write short stories but, it's getting the motivation to start typing them out. Speaking of which, I now have a blog:
Rather than having me babble in my journal about topics, I decided to make a blog to babble about it on there. I only have my introduction and what topics I'll be discussing at the moment. But, what I'm going to do is when I've babbled about one of my topics, I'll make or edit a journal linking you to my blog about the said topic and you can choose to comment on the journal itself or the blog itself. Kinda like when people have a journal for their streams and join me's.

I apologise if you've been coming to my page and seeing it's different all the time XD. Just been messing around and experimenting with the layout and things. 

As for those questions, they're related to my recent poll here:…

Here are my questions:
1. For non pixel icons: How do you do them? Do you do a bust shot then shrink/crop it? How do I keep the quality so it doesn't go blurry?
- Keep in mind: I use a computer mouse, not a tablet. I ink in Flash 8 and use Photoshop CS2.

2. For weird Hybrid, fantasy-like creatures: Could you suggest any artists who do these types of creatures, so I can get some inspiration to make my own creatures? Or do you think it would be easier to ask/commission someone to design a creature for me? If so, who do you recommend?

Umm.. I think that's about it. I am still active on DA, Art's just being really, reaaaallly sloooow and... is it bad the thought about 'not doing commissions' anymore crossed my mind? :shrug:

Anywho, I've heard/noticed/been told most of my friends are having some troubles/problems going on. No names but, they know who they are <3 and I want you all to know I do get worried and concerned for you, think of you, care about you. Even if I don't say or show it, I do and you're always welcome to talk to me about your problems. You won't be bothering me at all :hug: Much love to you all :heart:

Take cares everyone, hope you all had a good Easter weekend/break! :hug: xx

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Playing: Aywas
  • Eating: Fish and Potato croquettes
  • Drinking: Cup Of Tea



Apr 23, 2014
9:27 am
Apr 23, 2014
6:23 am
Apr 23, 2014
2:43 am
Apr 22, 2014
6:03 pm
Apr 22, 2014
11:52 am

When I get some motivation/ideas, which would you like to see more from me? 

6 deviants said Actually, I'd like to see you design weird creatures. Like, hybrids, fantasy-like (If you have any examples you could give me please comment with links, thanks =) )
4 deviants said More Ponies! :fluttershy: by Zoiby
4 deviants said Hmmm.. how about non-pixel icons? I'd say give them a try =)
2 deviants said More Pixel works! :la:
2 deviants said More Short/long stories & Poems! :Please: by renekotte
1 deviant said All of the above!


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You're welcome. Thank you for the llama back. :)
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You're welcome :) love your pixel works by the way! Very fantabulous <3
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