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About Me & Stuff!

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* ~Messengers~ *
If you want to know My Skype & AIM Name, Just ask me! :heart:
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* ~About Me~ *
Michelle (Just call me Shelly <3)
England, Liverpool (UK)
Star Signs:
Libra (The Scales), Rabbit (Chinese) & Thoth (Egyptian)
Birth Stones:
Sapphire, Jade & Turquoise
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Volunteer (Charity Shop)

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* ~ My Loves/Likes/Other stuff~ *
The Word 'Bugger', Tea!, Animals (Wolves, Cats, Dogs,Reptiles, Birds, etc.), My Little Pony (All Gens), Helping people, Video games (RPG's, Jak & Daxter, Tomb Raider & lots more!), The Paranormal/strange stuff, Game Grumps, Nostalgia Critic, Stars!, Music, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, Pixel Arts & Spoiling my friends.
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Apr 15, 2014
5:47 pm
Apr 15, 2014
3:18 pm
Apr 15, 2014
12:07 pm
Apr 15, 2014
7:59 am
Apr 15, 2014
12:44 am

My Lil Stars+Inspirations <3

*~ Please Keep in mind ~*
Please understand, I cannot list everyone. If you're not on the list, it doesn't mean I don't care about you. I do care :huggle:

Whether we're close friends, Besties, Good friends or just friends, not only are you my art inspirations, your personalities and attitudes are also my inspirations, which I admire very much :heart:
:iconsaftkalas: :iconprettyladycosmos: :iconkai-luver: :iconmrechoangel: :iconsavagebinn: :iconkiss-the-thunder: :iconamneco: :iconglitterelixir: :iconaurapandora: :iconscotskunk: :iconchaoscroc: :iconflinzy: :iconsnowify: :iconpuritylf4: :iconmadam-balthamos: :iconhoneykitten: :iconfireballstardraco: :iconelectricsketches: :iconsanitrance: :iconxx-artyamy-xx: :iconchibi-jen-hen: :icondmr-elk: :iconmari-limmy: :iconyuski: :iconcritterkat: :icondrenholm: :icontaylorhunn: :iconsparkleee-sprinkle: :iconchejanea: :iconshadow-rep: :iconumberon9: :iconenolianslave: :iconnyaasu: :iconalicornparty: :iconcowgirlem: :iconlunarmew: :iconangelishi: :iconyo-angie:

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:star: Art Status Last Updated~
:pointr: 10th April 2014
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:star: Progress Key~
:bulletwhite: Not Started...
:bulletyellow: Brainstorming...
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:bulletgreen: Complete!

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:rose: Commissions~
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:rose: Art Trades~
*:pointr: AlicornParty Shiver: :bulletblack:10%_Inking...
*:pointr: WORLDSBIGGESTTRUCK Arcelia: 3x Outfits: :bulletyellow:Brainstorming...
:pointr: Saftkalas LyandixGuff: :bulletwhite:Not Started...
:pointr: GlitterElixir Lofty Outfit: :bulletwhite:Not Started...
:pointr: PinkuThunder Magicis: :bulletwhite:Not Started...
:pointr: Honeykitten Pink Butterfly Dragon: :bulletwhite:Not Started...
:pointr: MrEchoAngel Kimmy PSL: :bulletwhite:Not Started...
:pointr: Amneco Roxxie & Michelle: :bulletwhite:Not Started...
*:pointr: PrincessAlyssaHybrid Princess Alyssa: :bulletyellow:Brainstorming...
:pointr: vilatte Vienna Latte: :bulletwhite:Not Started...
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:rose: Requests~
:pointr: kai-luver Supernatural Character: :bulletyellow:Brainstorming...
:pointr: Honeykitten Special Icon Request :bulletpink:50%_In Progress...
:pointr: GlitterElixir Special Icon Request :bulletblue:25%_In Progress...
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:rose: Gifts~
:pointr: DA Gifts: :bulletblack:PSD: 15%_Inking.../:bulletpink:ST: 75%_Shading...
:pointr: DA Gifts II: :bulletyellow:P: Brainstorming.../:bulletwhite:TCT: Not Started...
:pointr: DA Gifts III: :bulletwhite:GE: Not Started.../:bulletwhite:MMC: Not Started...
:pointr: Tumblr Gifts: :bulletpink:CO: 55%_Shading.../:bulletpink:BL: 60%_Shading...
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:rose: Collabs~
:pointr: PrettyLadyCosmos Shellea & Noria: :bulletpink:65%_Shading...
:pointr: Saftkalas New Look: Star Bright: :bulletwhite:Not Started...
:pointr: Honeykitten Misc. Collabs: :bulletwhite:0/7 Not Started...

Hey Guys & Gals,

Just thought I'd do another update and let ya all know what's going on. 
I've still heard nothing about these appointments to get my scans, so I'm hoping to hear some news soon. I was meant to hear word from the pain clinic after 2 months and had no news from them either. Honestly, I'd wish they'd hurry up as I just want to get them over and done with as.. well, I'll get to that in a little bit.

As for my Voluntary work, I was going to do a journal last Tuesday which was my 1st day of work... but, I forgot. Typical me Slow But! I remember today so... It's going fine. The other Volunteers are nice, the manageress is nice and it's just a lovely atmosphere <3 So far, I have been working on the shop floor helping the customers, doing a bit of til work, decoding the clothes, tagging the clothes, etc. I do about 3 hours or round about that and so far, I've been okay and just getting on with things.

Now, for the thing I said I'd get to in a little bit. The past week my mum has been keeping me active whether it's, going shopping with her, helping her sort stuff out, etc. and due to this, it's been affecting me mentally and physically. I feel drained, tiredness, aches and pains catch up with me and as for my mood, I'm just not in the mood to do much else. Including arts, even my own projects I've not been in the mood for. Don't get me wrong, it's good my mum is keeping me active, keeping me going but then, I need to rest for a bloody good while. I'm distracted, not focused and it does annoy me a little when I do want to work on things.

This brings me to the mini commissions and... I apologise SO MUCH for this as... I'm going to put the Mini commissions on ice for now. If I got your hopes up, I really do apologise for that =( with how I've been feeling, since you'll be paying me to do art for you. I'll need to focus and if my mood isn't too great, I won't feel like working on them. Even if they're simple bust shots... I'm sorry everyone but, I wanna focus on my health and the arts I can take my time on. Please understand, at the time I thought I could handle them and I've proved myself wrong. 
I know I was opening them as I needed the money but, I can't force myself. You can still ask me for a commission but, don't expect me to say 'Yes'.

In other news, thank you to everyone who commented on my poll about my front page. Especially these three gals: :iconglitterelixir: :iconechochase: :iconhoneykitten: Thank you so much for your advice! :heart:
I removed my ID and made it a custom box instead, my icons & animations appreciation have gone into a journal (the link can be found in my 'about me' widget. Look for the lil fairy <3), my projects are also going into a journal (which is still in progress) and I guess, just have a lookie for yourself :aww:

Umm.. I think that's all I got to say. Sooo.. here, have a pony: :rarity: 

Take cares everyone, hope you're all doing well :hug:

  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: Clean Bandit - Rather Be
  • Reading: Take a Break's: Fate and Fortune
  • Watching: Game Grumps
  • Playing: Aywas
  • Eating: Tuna, Mayo, Lettuce & Sweetcorn
  • Drinking: Cup Of Tea


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25 deviants said Night Owl: Whether I get up in the morning or afternoon. I can still stay up pretty late at night but, do eventually get some sleep :slow:
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14 deviants said Night Person: I AM THE KNIGHT! :batman:
8 deviants said Insomniac: Sleep? What's sleep? What day is it? ..What month is it? ...WHAT YEAR IS IT?! :eyepopping:


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Thanks for the fave =)
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You're welcome <3
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That webcam, I almost pissed myself. Very nice indeed lovely lol <3
LadyShelleBelle 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I almost pissed myself when I found it, bloody gold it is! XD lol <3
ElectricSketches 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
I nearly died! Best thing on the internet lol : D
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